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Sociopaths As Villains: A Writer's Thesaurus

1,001 True Tells


This expansive writer's guide is intended to assist authors in the creation of narcissistic and sociopathic characters. It helps users imagine a rich and genuine context by offering a variety of word associations and descriptive forms to create a unique resonance as an aid to brainstorming plots, character developments, action, romance, and more. This reverse-profiling manual... 

Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide 
How to Transcend the Illusion of the Interpersonal

Bullying Bosses is fully indexed with dozens of charts and exercises to help employees and managers identify, understand, and resolve workplace difficulties generally, as well as specifically address negative issues generated by bullying bosses.

Bullying Bosses are relentlessly anti-personal. They are about power, conquest, and control, and not about either production or personal connection...

Embarcadero One: A Crime Thriller
72,000 WORDS

Former SFPD Homicide Detective, Ethan Allen McCoy (“Mack”), suffers from PTSD due to some unfortunate on the job experiences. Now retired and working as an investigator for life insurance companies, he finds himself piecing together clues to the recent serial murders that have been taking place...

Elko: A Crime Thriller

In Elko, Mueller explores narcissism as a social experience, “collective 301.81s,” as it manifests in the worlds of work, politics and religion – sometimes as a cult. Through drama, the basic elements of 301.81s are applied to a small desert city...

International Peer & Press Reviews

For Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide How to Transcend the Illusion of the Interpersonal

For our purposes, sociopaths are termed, “Sociopathic 301.8s.” 

  • “Narcissist”: At root, narcissism is an utter lack of a capacity for empathy (LCE) but is defined with precision by the American Psychiatric Association in its DSM-5 at 301.81, “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

  • “Sociopath”: Webster’s: “A person suffering from a psychopathic personality (e.g. 301.81), whose behavior is aggressively anti-social.” 

Not all narcissists are sociopaths

– But all sociopaths are narcissists.

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